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Open Printmaking Sessions on Thursday Afternoons

I love these session. With our small group sizes we are able to let everyone chose what they want to do. Today we had dry point with chine colle, water colour prints and wiped monotypes. Everyone worked very hard and produced a wonderful variety of prints today and here is the selection. Enjoy.

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16th August Summer Day Course – Printmaking

Printmaking summer day course at outr lovely studio in Lamerton. We had three very different students today, so watching them work together was very interesting. The morning was taken by Nicky and the group came up with some very interesting imagery to print.

In the afternoon we were able to fit in some jelly printing and also some experimental layered printing using the lino prints and the jelly.

We had a really great day.

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Family Day – Painting and Drawing

West Dartmoor Art Courses Family Painting and Drawing Day

Our new venture is off the ground with our first day’s art courses being a family day for three 12 year old boys and their associated parents.

The families brought a picnic with them which we were able to eat in the garden, a place the boys made good use of during the day to let off steam between painting and drawing activities.

We opened with a relaxing go at blind drawings – some of which were hilarious!!! before settling down to looking at and understanding form and the effect of one form on another.


Drawing a growing range of cylindrical objects each outline taking a different colour and ending with a final drawing which described not only shape and form but also the effect of one object on another.

Painting was started with splat paintings which the students looked for anthropomorphic shapes and monsters in the paint. An absorbing forray into how different brushes make different marks.

We then explored how painting from premixed colours and working with pure colour directly onto he paper changed the painting into a much moe lively and vibrant depiction of the object – in this case trees; of which there were many interactions and each one was given a braver approach. I was so pleased with how everyone engaged with this particularly the grown ups, but also Javier one of the boys who was intrigued by the development of the technique. The other two boys tried very hard and made some progress towards understanding that a tree was not necessarily solid of just green. So well done to them.

A final exercise in form using various techniques to build form and depth using positive and negative, hard and soft and building these to form a small but interesting composition of leaves. This exercise is one devised by the talented Rick Suowicz, which everyone really engaged with too. I was impressed with the boys who made this exercise their own and to the parents engrossed with bringing the techniques together in the last thumbnail.


Everyone was very pleased with the day and their paintings – a veritable exhibition went home with them. We were very pleased with the outcome and that they had such a lovely day that they wanted to come again. Maybe bringing three generations on a bonding day, and we would be more than pleased to see them all again too.

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The Journey Begins

“The impulse to paint comes neither from observation nor from the soul (which is probably blind) but from an encounter: the encounter between painter and model: even if the model is a mountain or a shelf of empty medicine bottles.”
John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket

We are at the start of a big adventure.  Nicky Beaumont and I are opening our new venture with weekly day long courses from the end of May.

West Dartmoor Art Courses is pleased to offer day courses in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking in a lovely studio set in stunning gardens near the west Dartmoor village of Lamerton with views of Dartmoor and Bodmin. When possible, on sunny days, we offer ‘en plein air’ as part of your day. All materials supplied. £60.00 per person including tea, coffee and a simple lunch*.


31st May – Drawing
7th June – Painting
14th June – Printmaking
21st June – Drawing
28th June – Painting
5th July – Printmaking
12th July – Drawing
19th July – Painting
26th July – Printmaking
2ndAugust – Drawing
9th August – Painting
16th August – Printmaking
23rd August – Drawing
30th August – Painting
6th September – Printmaking

5 week term time courses run from 20th September 2018

Drawing Days:

Take the fear out of drawing come and join us for a day’s drawing using a variety of media and techniques to give you the confidence to tackle your own projects, using charcoal, pencils, conte and pastels. See dates below.

Some of the techniques we will cover are:

Draw from objects

Negative spaces


Quick sketches

Blind drawing

Shadows and highlights

Each of these will give you an insight into mark making and help you really focus on seeing. These are fundamental to all drawing. You will see a noticeable improvement in as little as one session. See dates below.

Painting Days:

Come and experiment with different paint mediums and approaches to help you understand how simple techniques can lead to achieving painterly effects. We can offer watercolour, acrylic and gouache using different approaches to applying paint with a variety of tools. See dates below

To give you confidence with colour we will undertake a variety of approaches, including:

Watercolour washes

Impasto and block colour

Shadow and highlights

Seeing form

Colour mixing


Printing days:

Come and have a taster session of various printing techniques, see dates below. We have a variety of presses and also processes which allow printing without a press. Jo specialises in monotype and offset and Nicky in relief techniques.

We offer course days with a selection of processes, including :


Montype prints from jelly and plates



Information about the venue an dhow it all works

Classes are held on Thursdays 10am – 4pm. Adults only – family days by arrangement.

To book your place and for directions telephone Jo on 07802 412 693 or email

A maximum of 6-8 students per day means that our two experienced artists can give you individual attention, which means we can cater for all levels of ability from complete beginners to the more experienced.

Both artists running these courses are members of Drawn To The Valley Group of Artists and host open studios each year.

Nicky Beaumont is printmaker and painter and has had work exhibited at Mall Galleries, Bankside, Exeter Museum, The Northcott Theatre Exeter, Bath Open.

Jo LB is a commercial Illustrator and printmaker currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at University of Plymouth.

*Specialist dietary requirements must bring own lunch

Also please note that there is limited wheelchair access as there are steps up into the studio and into the house therefore clients must have reasonable mobility to access facilities.

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