West Dartmoor Arts Courses runs on two days a week. We have a lovely studio in Lamerton and we also use the Village Hall in Brentor, run by professional artists Nicky Beaumont and Jo LB

We cover the basics, introducing new approaches and techniques to help build your creative vocabulary. Our carefully designed prgrammes are suitable for anybody from complete beginners to those who already work creatively and would like to learn new techniques to improve their work.

Some of the drawing techniques we will cover are designed specifically to increase hand eye coordination, and enable you to translate what you see into your own artists shorthand. We will be • Drawing from objects • Negative spaces • Blind drawing • Shadows and highlights.   Each of these will give you an insight into mark making and help you really focus on seeing, which is fundamental to drawing.

We will experiment with different painting mediums and approaches to help you
understand how simple techniques can lead to achieving painterly effects. We can offer watercolour, acrylic and gouache using different techniques to apply paint with a variety of tools.  To give you confidence with colour we will undertake a variety of painting approaches including:• Watercolour washes • Impasto and block colour • Shadows and highlights • Seeing form • Colour mixing

Printing days offer taster sessions in various printing techniques. We have a variety of presses and also processes which allow printing without a press. Jo specialises in monotype and intaglio processes and Nicky in relief techniques.  We can offer a selection of printmaking techniques, including; • Lino • Prints from jelly (Monotype) • Drypoint • Collagraph • Simple lithography. By offering a mixture of approaches we can introduce new possibilities and insights into printmaking and image development. Printmaking is quite messy but we do have aprons to help protect your clothes.

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