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Drawing -finding new lines with new approaches

Today was about underpinning some of the lessons we have used over the past few months and to try and bring them together and, hopefully, work towards a cohesive drawing.

Everyone worked really well, and to be honest, every one struggled a little with the concept of not drawing a contour line to work within as the drawing progressed.

The first few exercises used the principals of 1,2,4 and 8 minutes to build fist rough shapes, overall shape, tonal values and negative and positive shapes. As we worked through this part some exterior lines where erased or subsumed by a darker area.

The final drawings were done over the next hour. I didn’t take progress pictures particularly, which is a great shame as over the hour the drawings found themselves, lost themselves and re-emerged the better for careful consideration of how one value worked against another and where shadows or reflections changed the tonal reading.

we used a stylised flower repeat pattern to warm up before starting to draw…..much more fun than boxes !!!

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