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Painting with a Spring Pallette – Dancing with Daffodils

Spring Time Yellows

Exciting times, spring is sprung the grass is rising and sunshine makes the daffodils a wonderful mixture of lemon and cadmium yellows!

Today’s pallette was chosen to create a painting of the daffodils sitting looking so wonderfully sunny on the table of the studio at West Dartmoor Art Courses

We have a large pot of tubed watercolours, this is very helpful when learning which colours are what! We chose a range of greens, blues and yellows and a violet.

We could have probably used a red instead of the violet and created our own Terre Vert green but, sometimes it’s fun to introduce other dimensions and the violet and cadmium yellow produced a wonderful soft brown colour of the sepal on the daffodil. The Terre Vert was such a good match for the stalk and the addition of the Prussian blue made good shadows for the stalk.

The violet was a conscious choice to create dynamic shadows and help foreground the lemon yellow and enrich the cadmium yellow.  One thing we did notice, and I didn’t actually photograph was how different cadmium yellows look in their tubes and the tubes paper colour indicators but do look the same when mixed, at least to the eye.

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