Printmaking – Painterly Jelly Printing

There are some wonderful and practical advantages to printing from a plate made of jelly and also working with people who haven’t used it before. They have no preconceptions and always seem to bring new approaches and very diverse results.

In this session we used a bowl of blown goose eggs in a pottery bowl as drawing props, and for this session, we introduced colour.


Jelly printing works on the principal of masks and stencils and a willingness to be experimental and layer up your print.  I think the prints here are certainly successful. On the left you can see a set of masks defining a bowl and eggs in it. Top right was, initially, a less than successful print but the brave and bold black outlines painted directly onto the jelly was an inspired move. Bottom right shows a successful attempt at layering.

these three photos show laying the paper onto the jelly top left and bottom left a two layer print which used colour very cleverly to create dynamics and also depth of field. On the right is a detail showing how genttle inscribing with a blunt end can mark into the ink and create interesting texture and pattern.

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