Working with Acrylics -Personal Palettes

Creating a palette that suits you is a very personal thing.  There practical as well as personal considerations which will change how colours reflect back at the viewer.

Today we worked with Acrylic on paper which had been primed with p.v.a. and gesso. This stable surface allows good reflective qualities, making the most of the translucent nature of the Galleria Acrylics we were using. Allowing the bright smooth surface to shine through the paint whilst acting as a very easy surface to work on with full fat paints.

Todays colour choices where:

  • Cadmium Yellows in Light and Medium – Yellows
  • Alizarin and Cadmium Red Hue – Reds
  • And Prussian and ultramarine Blues


Working on a grid the colours were mixed systematically to produce their own rainbow jewel like colours before moving on to separate wheels for each set and including the secondary and tertiary colours

Then moving on to find and mix a palette suitable for our penguin picture study.  The palette chosen was Prussian Blue, Cadmium Red Hue and Cadmium Yellow Light.

Progress was made on the penguin which has been drawn and had a basic colour layer drawn in.  It makes for a much more interesting paining through mixing your own colours and tying the picture together with a simple base palette.

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