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Drawing:Negative shapes help with Accuracy

Todays lesson began with four short drawings of some laurel leaves. 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 12 minutes before taking the rest of the session to concentrate on the one drawing.

The focus of todays drawing session was to, initially, concentrate on the negative shapes made by the leaves and start to get to know the subject by understanding the shapes it made where it wasnt!

These quick fire sketches really help with hand eye co-ordination and hone observation skills and prepare your head to settle down and really get absorbed by the simple yet complex subject of a small twig with leaves.

The second string to the bow today was to use a simple measurement system to map out the image accurately to the life object. taking note of at what point a curve or space lines up with another feature. This helps to ensure that the drawing accurately resembles your subject.  Placing the subject overlapping the white surface also helps you visually tie the drawing together.

In the images you will see how the images still show the simple parallel and vertical lines which line up particular elements and help the artists capture the important negative shapes within the setting.  These help establish the form in a way which takes away our brains favourite labelling occupation.



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