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Printmaking: Design Decision – Lino

Working through design decisions

Making decisions about your design start with the first quick sketch of an idea on paper. What is interesting though is that, even with experience, there are stages at which the lino design brings up problems which perhaps had not had to be considered in the same way at the drawing stage.

in the example here there where several changes by the student to the design. Note how the central area was removed and also the fishes head fin was hollowed out. This small area being cut in the same way as the back fins tied the front of the fish to the back and the removal of the central area emphasises the lovely shape the student has made with her design.

The key to good lino design is to make the best use of positive and negative shapes and keeping the design simple. This does not necessarily mean large areas of uncarved lino but the strength of a lino design often relies on its simplified representation of objects.

I like to ask people to look at other successful designs and to use these to inform their own designs.

The other key thing is learning how to cut the lino smoothly. Top tip here is to move the lino not your tool. Keep control of the end of the blade and keep your guiding had well behind the cutting blade.



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