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Printmaking: Chine-collé

Working with Wiped Monotypes and Chinecollé

This afternoons class was based on Chinecollé. As we had been working with wiped monotypes  we decided to work with them as they go through our press and you need the press to make the tissue paper stick to the print paper.

The plates were designed to have a lot of clear wiped space and two approaches where tried. One was to lay the tissue across the design adn the other was to tear and place it around the inked area.  Both had their own charms.

screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.07.40

I had purchased Amaco Rice Paste Powder through an online retailer and am very pleased with the quality of the rice powder.  We mixed a little, although in truth too much!!, and I thought how much better this was than the tubes which once opened should be used within three months.

Because of the nature of designing todays wiped monotypes we actually made the tissue shapes after the plate was ready, but in theory you would be able to cut or tear the tissue at an earlier stage.  One thing to take into account is you are going to paste the back of the shape and lay it onto theplate/matrix right side down

This is because the back of the tissue needs to stick to the paper. place it carefully onto the plate being careful not to move it around once it is laid down and also taking care not to tear it!

Put the plate on the press bed and carefully lay the paper over it. Do not move the paper once it is in place on the plate. lay over the paper saver and the blanket and pass through the press. We used damp paper because we were using the monotype method. with lino etc you do not need damp paper.


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