Painting using three colours gives you multiple choices

Working with just three colours, the primaries, gives you any choice you can think of. starting witht he bright secondaries and then working with the complementary mixes for a range of soft greys and browns pdepending on your starting mix and, of course, your skill at mixing them preportionately.

secondary mixes
Cadmium Yellow with Violet (purple) Ceurilian Blue with Orange and Green with a pink red

The mixes will be different with each choice of three primaries and will work with these at another point. For today we are creating soft browns with pink, blue and green tones.

To demonstrate the mixes we have used a simple we reproduced a drawing of a sunflower and worked in complementary colours to create lovely soft imagery. Having tried it out with the sunflower image we work on an actual pebble to try creating an apprximation of colour taken from life.

You can try this yourself draw your wheel shape and start with the three primary colours you have chosen. A red, a blue and a yellow.  Mix the blue and yellow to make green and the red and yellow to make orange and of course blue and yellow for the green.  A tip would be to wet the section you are going to work on with clean water before you mix the colour.

Work the central area using mixes of opposites on the wheel. You will see from the feature image that this first attempt was not as good as the second (stipes above) this just goes to show how important it is to try and try again and even a few more times. Tis way you will learn to be consistent when mixing your colours.

The three images where produced by different people, all working with the same pallette – this also shows how individual it is when mixing colours.

Have a go yourself.

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