Drawing – free up your drawing hand and focus your mind

I like to spend time at the beginning of a drawing session tuning into my creativity and turning off all thoughts about the outside world. It’s a kind of meditation.

Give yourself ten minutes to switch off the outside world and to get into a lovely low gear, start your session by sitting comfortably on your seat and have your Drawing pad either resting on your lap, on an easel or flat on the table, which ever helps you feel unchallenged by the blank sheet and the pencil.

I suggest starting with a nice soft pencil at least 2b and preferably a 4 or 6b. Soft coloured pencils or a graphite stick would work too. You can have a sharpener but no rubber, this is because there is no right or wrong so you can’t make any mistakes. You are just making marks on a piece of paper.

You can start with any of these: circles, swirls, lines or boxes. Slowly begin to fill the paper with the same mark over and over. Very the size, weight, placement and where you start making the mark, also change hands periodically. Mark some areas more heavily and others more sparsely or lightly.


You will notice that within theses ten minutes you will get bored, start trying to change what you are doing and struggle to stay focussed. This is all ok. Each time you come up against a barrier concentrate on your breathing for a moment or two, ensure that you are still sitting comfortably and haven’t tensed up and the refocus and carry on.

In no time at al, you will become absorbed by the task and as the page fills up you will see and develop patterns and respond to what is on the page. Of course there is no need to stop if you are totally immersed but when you do you will feel ready to get on with your observational Drawing in a very good frame of mind.

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