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Drawing simple things to help with flow

It can be very difficult to see the wood for the trees. The details of a complex object can distract from the fundamental elements that create a better drawing. One way to help you focus on the fundamental elements is to give yourself a simple task to do.

Hey, you say, isn’t that cheating? I say No it’s not cheating it’s a very honest way to really begin to understand about form.

For instance, take a kettle, it has wonderfully simple lines to follow. When you draw something this straight forward you can begin to understand, for instance, how you are translating what you see into a two dimensional representation of a kettle.

You can use bolder more confident strokes with your drawing medium and be confident as you make marks on the paper because the subject is simple.

I would suggest that you place the kettle against a simple background, like a dark towel or something so the kettle really stands out and shine a light on it.

Draw a series of quick sketches and each time see how much more you notice about the shape, draw alternatively with your right and your left hand and notice how when drawing with your non writing hand you tend to observe the kettle more than your drawing.

See if you can do the same thing when drawing with your writing hand, look at the kettle more than you look at the drawing. The worst that can happen is that a line ends up in the wrong place….and do you know what? That is so ok. What have you lost?

At worst a piece of paper at best your worry that you will get it wrong! It’s always ok to get it wrong. So don’t worry that it’s simple and don’t worry if it’s wrong. The more you draw the more you see the better you hand eye coordination gets and the more accurate you firm building becomes. Drawing is fun and relaxing (remember that!)

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