23rd August – Summer Day Course – Drawing

Drawing today- Yay!.  Starting with warm up expersices is a very good way to turn of your left brain labeling device and free you up to become unjudgemental and less inclinded to force your creativity.

This exercise is a particularly good one, mostly for its mind numbing properties! Take a stip of paper and start at one end. draw lines from top to bottom or bottom to top, you can vary your approach as you move down the paper. As you draw the lines consider how they are affected by teh line before, become aware of the spacing you are choosing. This should take you around 10 to fiftenn minutes.

As you continue you will find it hard to stay focused your mind will become distracted, this is fine, just redirect your thoguths back to the drawing task in hand.

When you finish then fold the paper up accordion style and bobs your uncle you have a very interesting artists book!


Next we created a folded book to use to record wire.  Bending a piece of wire and drawing it is a good way to help hand eye co-ordination.  It might sound a very simple exercise but somehow a piece of wirre can be very tricky! we did find that by allowing  ourselves the luxury of a ground line or two the whole thing became much (much) easier!


This particular day we had an artist who was particularly interested in portraiture but struggled with perspective.  Our lovely studio, being wooden boarded is the perfect example of an easy perspective project. Luckily it wasnt raining so we adjuourned outside and discussed how to approach drawingthe building using a level and horizontal pencil to take ques from.


Finally taking all the practiced approaches forward we applied this to the creation of portrature.  With each new drawing it became obvious that the lessons had been taken on board and the final drawing really showed how this lovely ady had grasped tohe concepts of the day.


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