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Painting Day at West Dartmoor Arts Courses

We had a good tableful of students today with a range of abilities, from professional artist to beginners.  As with our last painting session we started with the relaxing and unintimidating splat/blob task. The very best way to approach something new in front of other people.

The idea is that students can experiment with materials. Testing brushes, paint and water, getting a feel for what happens to watercolour on a page whilst creating a series of coloured areas.  What a variety of marks!  Once we had dried the paper out came the marker pens, …… and then as everyone began to relax…..out came the gouache paint, and thick markers, and thin markers…. 🙂 and a wonderful array of creatures and critters some fanciful and others….Well! just plain scary. LOL.

Next we tried trees comparing prepared palette mixed paints vs. mixing on the page.  This is such a liberating way to explore the possibilities and blending results and a loose and relaxed way and the trees all look FAB.  It helps students realise that there is a vibrancy to moving away to preconceived ideas and achieve consistently surprising and lively results.


After a lovely lunch with soup and strawberries and a chance to chat and relax we where back in the studio trying a method called negative painting.  This is an effective technique which uses a new approach for many people because you are not painting your subject but the space around it.

Everyone enjoyed their day and we now have two new members for our block courses starting in October this year. If you are interested in coming on a printmaking, drawing or painting day course or would like to study an arts discipline more closely over five weeks please do get in touch.

Find us on Facebook under West Dartmoor Arts Courses.


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